Top AI Summarizer of 2024

We’ve tried out dozens of AI tools and are excited to share our favorite: Coral AI.

10 may 2024

10 may 2024

Are you tired of spending hours reading through long documents, research papers, or reports to find the main points? 

You need to be using AI summarizers

These tools summarize long text into an easy-to-read format, saving you hours of time. 

We’ve tried out dozens of AI tools and are excited to share our favorite: Coral AI

Why Coral AI is the Best AI Summarizer

Coral AI stands out from the rest of the AI-powered summarization tools because of how easy it is to use and the variety of features that can fit into your workflow as a researcher, student, or professional. 

With Coral AI, you can easily condense complex research papers, business reports, textbooks, and more into digestible summaries.

Just upload a PDF document and instantly generate summaries, translations, answers to questions, and citations – all powered by AI. 

You can customize the length of your summary, the page numbers summarized in the document, and the level of detail of your summary. 

Summarize Multiple Documents 

One stand-out Coral AI feature is its multi-document summarization feature. 

With Coral AI, you can upload multiple documents and get a comprehensive summary or digest of all of them. 

This is extremely useful if you are learning about a new topic and want to get a quick overview or if you want to create a personal “digest” with recent news and research. 

Step-by-Step Tutorials

Coral AI is great for AI beginners because they provide a variety of step-by-step tutorials covering each use case. 

After creating an account, check out their Tutorials section to learn how you can create summaries, study guides, outlines, cover letters, and more using Coral AI. 

Key Features:

  • Upload any PDF document (no page limit!)

  • Summarize documents instantly 

  • Summarize documents in 90+ languages

  • Summarize multiple documents at once

  • Get answers to specific questions from the text

  • Extract citations and references in seconds

  • In-depth and easy-to-understand tutorials

  • User-friendly interface 


Free Plan: Upload 1 document

Pro Plan: Unlimited uploads and summarization