How to Write Blogs with Coral AI

Use these prompts to find blog topics, research topics, and write original content with Coral AI.

1. Choose a Blog Topic

Upload a document related to your desired blogging subject to Coral AI for topic inspiration.

Good Prompts

  • “What are some interesting topics in this document?”

  • “Can you suggest some unique angles for a blog based on this document?”

  • “Identify potential blog topics from this document.”

Bad Prompts

  • “Write a blog post for me.”

  • “List blog ideas from page 10”

2. Detailed Information for Blog Content

Use Coral AI to get in-depth information and improve your understanding of the blog topic.

Good Prompts

  • “Explain how climate change impacts marine life according to this document.”

  • “What does this document say about the future of renewable energy?”

  • “Detail the role of artificial intelligence in healthcare as per this document.”

Bad Prompts

  • “List every fact mentioned in the document.”

  • “Describe every chapter of this document.”

3. Sourcing Quotes for Blog Posts

For adding credibility and depth to your blog, Coral AI can help you find direct quotes from the document.

Good Prompts

  • “Find a quote about the benefits of meditation in this document.”

  • “Find a quote discussing economic trends in this report.”

Bad Prompts

  • “Find a quote from page 5.”

  • “Get a quote from the introduction of the document.”

4. Identifying Resources for Further Reading

Enhance your blog post by linking to additional studies or related work mentioned in the document.

Good Prompts

  • “What are the key references in this document about digital marketing?”

  • “List the studies cited in this report on educational reform.”

Bad Prompts

  • “How many references are in this entire document?”

  • “List every study mentioned in the document.”