How to Study with Coral AI

Use these prompts to generate study questions, learn new information, find related reading, and more with Coral AI.

1. Get a Subject Overview

Coral AI can give you a brief overview of a document with key themes and subjects.

Good Prompts

  • “What is this document about?”

  • “What are the main themes?”

  • “List 3 main ideas from the document.”

Bad Prompts

  • “Summarize this textbook.”

  • “What is Chapter 1 about?”

  • “What is page 20 about?”

2. Focus on Specific Information

Ask Coral AI specific questions for a more in-depth understanding. Even if you can't remember the exact terms used in the document, Coral AI will understand your question's intent and provide a precise answer, often faster and more effectively than a keyword search.

Good Prompts

  • “How does photosynthesis work in plants?”

  • “When was the Battle of Normandy?”

  • “What’s an adverb?”

Bad Prompts

  • “How many times is [word] in the book?”

  • “Tell me everything that happened in 1920.”

3. Extract Key Quotes for Study Notes

If you're creating study notes and need good quotes, ask Coral AI for help.

Good Prompts

  • “Find a quote about cellular respiration.”

  • “Find a quote that uses metaphor.”

Bad Prompts

  • “Find a quote from page 10.”

  • “Find a quote from Chapter 3.”

4. Find Further Reading

For a more comprehensive understanding of the subject, you can use Coral AI to identify additional resources within the document.

Good Prompts

  • “What book references are mentioned regarding evolutionary biology?”

  • “What studies are mentioned in the research paper?”

Bad Prompt

  • “How many studies are mentioned in this entire document?”