How to Get Custom Cover Letters with Coral AI

Upload your resume and the job description and instantly get a custom cover letter.

Step 1: Create an account & subscribe to Coral Pro.

Create an account at Choose our monthly or annual subscription.

Step 2: Upload a PDF of your resume and the job description.

Make sure that these are the only documents that you have uploaded to your Dashboard. The files must be in PDF format.

Step 3: Click "Chat All"

This will take you to the chat window where you can type in prompts.

Step 4: Type in this prompt: Write a custom cover letter for [Job Title] based on this resume.

Coral AI will instantly generate a custom cover letter for the job you're applying to based on your resume. If you aren't happy with your results you can click "Regenerate response."

Step 5: Save your custom cover letter.

Copy and paste your cover letter onto a document to save it.